About Us

Tristan Hite

Tristan Hite

My name is Tristan Hite and I am the President of the Moore for Youth Foundation. I was born and raised here in North Idaho and have made the decision to stay and raise my family here as well. This little slice of heaven we call home is extremely special to me. Growing up feeling safe, feeling the sense of community that we have is something I want to continue to see for generations to come. I started this foundation alongside my sister, Angela Sullivan, in order to INSPIRE the youth in North Idaho to get involved in the community. To respect and appreciate our local law enforcement and unspoken heroes.  To see the value in Integrity and Courage through the inspiration of their fellow youth. Coming together as a community to recognize and reward our children for these character attributes will create a community of stronger citizens. Future leaders and CEO’s, future small business owner and Mother’s raising the next generation of incredible humans, with volunteerism in their hearts.


Angela Sullivan

My name is Angela Sullivan and I am a born native of Kootenai County as well as the Secretary for the Moore For Youth Foundation.  I feel extremely blessed have been raised in such an incredible community and feel very blessed to be able to raise my two sons here as well. I want them to experience the same great community as I did, the strong and safe place I call home.  The Moore for Youth Foundation focuses on inspiring positive character traits and recognizing them as exceptional in our town. Through this, I believe we will inspire and see more of the same from fellow youth and even adults.  Our community does an excellent job in recognizing athletics and academics, and now it is time to acknowledge those who exemplify character.  Bringing our community together to help mold our future leaders.


Lisa Sayler

My name is Lisa Sayler and I have lived in Hayden, Idaho for the past 25 years. I love camping, boating, snow skiing, spending time with my family and walking my chocolate lab named Pearl.  I’ve worked for Washington Trust Bank for 25 years and as the Branch Manager of the Hayden Branch for the past 19 years. When asked to be a part of the Moore Youth Foundation I jumped at the chance as it truly has a special mission.  Our community has done a great job of recognizing our youth, and the idea of celebrating and recognizing our youth outside of schools and sports really resonated to me.  Recognizing our youth for their actions and behaviors will truly foster lifelong success.  Inspiring our youth to connect with our community while honoring and remembering our community heroes will have an incredible ripple effect to all of North Idaho.


Bridget Carter

My name is Bridget Carter, and I am proud to be a board member of the Moore For Youth Foundation. I have lived in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho for the past 24 years, raising two wonderful children who have gone through the CDA School District, one recently graduating from University of Idaho. I have worked in the financial industry for 12 years, the last five as Branch Manager of Washington Trust Bank in beautiful Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. As both a parent and member of the North Idaho community, I am passionate about our youth and celebrating their successes. Letting children know their words and actions are valued fosters confidence and motivation, two areas which we need help with now more than ever. The nomination category that resonates most with me is Courage. Courage is most often associated with being brave – yet, courage comes in many forms. It is courageous to be kind to those who have been bullied; it is courageous to do the right thing when it’s easier to be wrong; it is courageous to love and accept rather than hate and be angry. Children who have and spread positivity are a blessing, and having the courage to express that positivity is something to celebrate and recognize.


Julie Sudol

My name is Julie Sudol.  Our family moved to the Coeur d’Alene area in 2011 and immediately fell in love with the community. My husband is a police officer and I have a son serving in our country’s military as a Military Police officer as well. I’m also a mother of 2 young girls.   Sometimes it is difficult watching them grow up seeing how challenging school can be.

The Moore for Youth Foundation promotes recognition and encouragement to the youth in our community that make North Idaho the wonderful place that it is. When Sgt. Greg Moore lost his life May 5, 2015 while protecting our community, it really hit home for my family and has left a hole in our community.  We will always be searching for a way to fill this void.

I joined the Moore for Youth Foundation as a board member in the summer of 2018 when approached by Tristan Hite, Board President and Founder. Tristan’s passion for this foundation and devotion to its purpose is infectious and I could not have been more honored to join her and this mission of hope and endless possibilities.

Our first responders protect us on a daily basis while demonstrating integrity, courage, and honor.   One of the ways to honor Sgt. Moore's memory is to acknowledge some of the core values that he and our officers live by.  We can share these core values with our community’s youth, so they feel supported to live by these same values.  Our schools do a great job at recognizing academic success.  It is important to provide acknowledgment and recognition when it is deserved. The Moore for Youth Foundation focuses on the incredible kids that have integrity, courage, and honor while being a kind person.  Some of these youths might have personal struggles that would lead some children to choose a different path.   It is our purpose to recognize the students that overcome adversity and find inner strength to strive for success.   When these students overcome these struggles and become successful adults, they inspire us as a community. This in turn requires us to recognize the difference they can make.


Julia White

My name is Julia White, and I am proud to be a board member of the Moore For Youth Foundation. I have lived in North Idaho since 1982, raising three children who have gone through the Post Falls School District, one graduating from Lewis and Clark University. I enjoy camping, floating the river, spending time with my family and my dog named Casey White. I have been working in the financial industry for 27 years, the last 2 years as an Assistant Branch Manager at Washington Trust Bank in Coeur d Alene. The Moore For Youth Foundation focuses on recognizing the courageousness and positive character in our youth, Inspiring our children to be part vital members of our community.


Julia Broxson

My name is Julie Broxson. I have lived in the North Idaho area since I was 12 years old. I work for a wonderful company, Washington Trust Bank, who encourages us to volunteer in the community. I Graduated from Lakeland High School in Rathdrum in 1991. I have been married to my husband, Scott for 25 years. I have two wonderful children. My son, Ian, graduated Salutatorian from Timberlake High School and from NIC with his AA in 2018.  He is currently working on his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Idaho. My Daughter Caitlin is a senior at Timberlake High School. She has some challenges because she has high functioning Autism. She is a wonderful Artist and recently she donated a piece of art to TESH. TESH is redesigning one of their kid’s rooms around the painting that she donated to them. Because of her social challenges I am always grateful to those teachers and classmates who go out of their way to be kind to her despite her differences. My early childhood was difficult and I tell people that I survived it. My biological father who I lived with was an alcoholic and drug addict. Questionable people were in and out of our home and there was a lot of neglect and abuse. I grew up not feeling safe and being told not to trust or talk to the police. I was fortunate to be able to escape that situation when I was 12. I knew the person that I wanted to be and because of my early situation I especially knew who I did not want to be. I joined Moore for Youth because I wanted to be able to reward children and young adults who do the right thing especially when it is easier to do the wrong thing. Those brave boys and girls who stand up for people like my daughter when other kids are bullying her and the easy thing to do would be to join in or not to get involved but they choose to be kind instead.


Brittany Teverbaugh

My name is Brittany Teverbaugh, a born and raised North Idahoan, wife and mother of three.

Not just a sense of community, but a firm knowledge of knowing you belong and are a part of it why it’s wonderful. Not just following the rules but going above and beyond to make sure you’re leaving places better than when you found them. Helping someone when they need it, standing up for what’s right, leading with inclusion, effort and love.
These are a few facets of what Moore For Youth encourages that stirred my interest and desire to be a board member.

These are attributes I hope to inspire in our community and my own children. I just love good stories about great people and nudging friends to get tangled in the strings of their communities.